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Back and Knee Pain

In 20-30% of all back related pain; the cause can be narrowed down to poor functioning feet. Your foot is the main shock absorber of your body, and just like a shock absorber in your car, your foot works to absorb the pressure coming from your body pounding off of the ground.

This isn’t the easiest of jobs when you take into account that between 1-3 times your body weight can pass through your foot when walking and up to 4-7 times your body weight when running. Unfortunately unlike the shock absorbers of your car, the shock absorbing mechanism for your foot can’t be replaced so easily after it has been worn down.

There is good news though; the foot, knee, hip, or back pain can be alleviated by the correction of this shock absorbing mechanism.

Most commonly we do this by using a custom shoe insert called an orthotic. This custom insert is made from a mold of the patient’s foot. Utilization of the exact measurements allows us to correct this problem with ease. Just like the replacement of the shock absorbers in your car we can do this for your foot with results occurring almost immediately. The use of custom orthotics is just one of the tools that your physician can use to correctly treat your limb pains or acute chronic back pain.

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