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5 Foot Safety Tips for Hiking

hikingDuring a global pandemic, there is a limit to activities you can do outside without being in close proximity to another person. For many, turning to the outdoors and hiking through nature is not only healing but is also a good way to stay active during these times of social distancing. Hiking is a fun, low risk, and enjoyable activity that can be done safely as long as precautions are taken and proper distance is maintained from other hikers.

Before you head out on the trail though, there are important safety tips to keep in mind.

  1. Get the go ahead from your podiatrist - If you have underlying conditions like diabetes,  circulatory issues or any foot or ankle pain, you'll want to make sure you check in with your podiatrist first so you don't exacerbate any symptoms. Ask about any custom orthotics that could help ease pain or provide more support.

  2. Prepare your footwear - One of the most important things to do before going out walking is to make sure you have the proper shoes. A pair of flats or sandals are not going to give you the proper support or protection you need on the trail, so be sure to have a pair of sturdy, comfortable, and supportive walking shoes. 

  3. Protect your feet - Blisters are common when you’re walking long distances, so protect your feet by wearing proper socks and hiking shoes. Keeping feet clean and dry will be key to preventing infections, and bringing bandages and pads to quickly address developing blisters will prevent pain from getting worse. Orthotics can also help prevent heel pain, shin splints, and other injuries.

  4. Stay hydrated - Even if it's for a short stroll, it's important to bring water with you so you can stay hydrated, stay cool, and keep up your circulation.

  5. Care for your feet afterwards - Give your feet some TLC after a long hike! If you are experiencing any long lasting pain, contact our team of podiatrists at New Jersey Foot & Ankle Centers for the best podiatric care! 

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