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Foot Pain During Pregnancy

pregnantfeetPregnancy is a truly special time for mothers-to-be. Along with the excitement of a growing belly and anticipation of becoming parents, it can be filled with many other physical changes that may not be as pleasant. One of the most common problems that pregnant women encounter in their lower extremities is swelling and pain in their feet.

What is causing my foot pain?

During pregnancy, your center of gravity shifts to accommodate the growing baby. As a result, there is added pressure in the feet, especially as weight gain progresses. In addition, hormonal changes that loosen ligaments can cause the arches to fall, applying additional pressure to the plantar fascia and causing discomfort. 

Swelling is another common occurrence, especially as the pregnancy progresses and the fluid volume in the body increases. 

How to ease arch pain

Fallen arches often cause the inner feet to roll and cause overpronation. Try these tips to relieve pain and discomfort from overpronation:

  • Use orthotics to provide the feet with extra support. 

  • Wear footwear that is comfortable, supportive, and big enough. You may need to buy a larger size during your pregnancy.

How to treat swelling

  • Ice and elevate your feet.

  • Keep blood flowing with exercise. 

  • Do not sit for long periods of time. If working, sitting or driving, take frequent breaks to walk around.

  • Stay hydrated.

  • Eat balanced meals and avoid salty foods that could increase water retention.

  • Avoid restrictive shoes and socks.

Our podiatrists can help!

If you need custom orthotics, notice that swelling is asymmetrical, or your foot pain does not improve, it is important to see a trusted podiatrist who can give you the relief you need. Dr. Daniel MargolinDr. Justin Donovan, and Dr. Alandra Greenlee of New Jersey Foot & Ankle Centers help patients with a variety of foot and ankle problems including sports injuriesdiabetes, as well as nail fungus and heel pain. Everyone deserves to have pain-free feet, so contact us or call our Oradell, NJ office at (201) 261-9445 to schedule an appointment today!

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